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Quensetta Adams

Learning Management System (LMS) Curriculum Administration, Project Management, Indianapolis, Indiana Area LinkedIn Profile
Review: I did my due diligence and comparisons before signing up for the class. I am extremely pleased with the depth and breadth of the content covered. The information is clearly documented. I especially appreciated learning how to connect with other leaders in this industry. I will continued to benefit as I pursue those contacts. I highly recommend the full training including the hands-on training for those who are technical and/or entrepreneurial. During the hands-on, you will gain valuable insights into the power of the technology. The class satisfied all of my learning IoT objectives. I am ready for the next - steps.

Michael Forde

General Manager, Cloud Business Solutions,
Strategic Technologies Group, Mindtree, Bengaluru Area, India LinkedIn Profile
Review: It was an excellent experience. Specially the Hands on part was great as it helped me consolidate all the threads in IOT..

Rakesh Sharma

Excellent course content and presentation by Pyush and Manish. Now I have clear understanding about end-to-end IoT implementation and easily able to visualise various use-cases.I strongly recommend this training session to anyone who is looking for end-to-end IoT understanding."

Pablo Cazares

Senior .Net Developer at Virgo Publishings, Phoenix, Arizona Area LinkedIn Profile
Review: Yes it was a great boot camp! Thank you. Actually, I have a much better understanding now as to how to approach my solution. I look forward to your next upcoming classes.

Joydeep Chatterjee

Review: The most important feature of this training is that this will provide you with an impetus to dive into the exciting world of IoT. No training will ever be sufficient to make you an expert in this vast field but without this training you will always be wondering from the sidelines.