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Internet of things Webinar Series

About the Webinar

    1. IoT - Internet of Things is not a single technology but an amalgamation of lot of different technologies which not only includes software technologies but hardware/embedded technologies as well.
    2. So any IoT Solution would typically require an ecosystem of people providing expertise that spans from sensors to applications. This expertise might be required in technologies like sensors, communication protocols, nodes, gateways, development boards, cloud analytics and IoT Platforms and much more.
    3. Hence the team providing such a solution would also be complex and heterogeneous meaning they would be bringing in various set of skills together.
    4. So anyone who is leading such a complex and heterogeneous team need to know a host of technologies under IoT Ecosystem. He/ She will be typically involved in stitching together the entire solution and present it to the client. He/She is the Solution Architect.

instaivy with it’s rich experience of training, consulting, project implementation and IoT product development have all the capabilities of imparting the Skills required for “IoT Solution Architect�. If you want to understand more about this role, opportunities available in market and how you can become one.......

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